Author: Pham Dinh Cong

[Software Design Training] Level Up at VietIS

VietIS regularly provides training in software development to level up staff skills. Based on company policy which human resources are valued, we order outside companies; and experts will come to VietIS to carry out training.

In fiscal 2020, the coronavirus infection has affected sales and development conditions, but we believe that our company will continue to strengthen staff training without reducing education costs.

This August 2020 course was held from August 15th to August 29th for Managers, PMs, and Technical Leaders.

The training contents are as follows.

-Software design

-Issues in software design

-Software architecture

-Design language and technique

-UI/UX design

-API/DB design

-Information security design

-Design quality analysis and evaluation

-Design tools

-Synchronization design with source code

-Case Study

Voices of staff who participated in the course

Staff A said: “This course has fundamentals of customer requirements analysis, prototype creation, system design solution, system design document creation, and so on which I can totally understand.”

Staff B said: “I haven’t been involved in the design work yet, but I can understand the design knowledge and software architecture that support the development work. This course is also needed for developers.”

This software design course was carried out by the company with a large budget. We expect that staff, especially Managers, PMs, and Technical Leaders, will be able to improve the design level and make best of it for actual development projects.

Amazon CodeGuru” Study Group at VietIS in the Coronavirus Era

The Coronavirus is affecting every industry and company.

One of the policies of VietIS is studying how to add more positive things to its impact.

This time, we held a study session on Amazon CodeGuru.

1. Study group goals

-Introduction of tools for code optimization

-Recommendation of performance improvement measures

-Reduction of the effort of code review

2. Features of Amazon CodeGuru

-Applicability and efficiency are highly evaluated thanks to development based on machine learning

-Automating source code review, finding defects, explaining, and recommending source code optimization measures

-Automatic analysis of application performance, identification of problems related to CPU (discovery of functions that consume a lot of CPU capacity, processing time, etc.), recommended improvement measures

-Improvement of project quality and proactive prevention from bugs and defects.

3. Actual application in development projects

Accepting internships of FPT University students in 2020

The world is now adapting to digitalization, and IT is being used by various industries. As a IT company, VietIS is making an effort in a mechanism to receive internships that support the education of IT students annually.

This time it accepted internships of FPT University students. We have received excellent students who are “curiosity, hard work, and activeness”.

We are training to let people experience the actual development environment rather than classroom learning. After the training, we have set goals to improve technical skills, manners and management skills.

After graduating from university, VietIS also supports job hunting and raises the opportunity to work as full-time employees in accordance with the wishes of students.

We are looking forward to various forms of learning during the internship period.


VIETIS Corporation, which was founded in 2009 and officially started in 2013, celebrated its 7th anniversary on May 15, 2020.

During seven years, VIETIS Corporation’s staff tried their best to work and go through difficult times together. Carefully handling each project from customers made various achievements and new technologies were born, and staff gradually grew up.

All staff have had unforgettable memories thanks to the company culture, company trips and team building activities for seven years.

Mr. Dang Dieu Linh – Chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasized that VIETIS Corporation’s vision has not changed at all from the initial business until now, and we will further expand offshore development (ODC) and contract business toward Japanese companies. It was an anniversary day that all staff in company bonded together to deliver smiles and optimistic atmosphere to satisfy our customers.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our valued customers. We look forward to continue working with you.