The First Information Security Test in 2022

15 Jul, 2022 / Company

It can be said that information data (including customers data, information about partners, and business secrets) is one of the most valuable assets of an enterprise. If there are no measures to ensure information security, organizations and businesses will face information security risks such as information loss when the system is down and being attacked by viruses, or hackers, leading to leakage of customer information. As a result, businesses may have the signed contracts terminated and lose hundreds of millions to billions of Vietnamese Dong.

Therefore, training on information security is considered one of the vital management issues, and it is a concern of most businesses and organizations in general and VietIS in particular.

VietIS is interested in information security and considers it the main priority. Therefore, we gained the ISO 27001 Certification in 2013. Moreover, our company organizes an internal information security training program twice a year, in June and December, for all employees.

The first inspection in 2022 was held on June 27th and June 28th via online form. The training program took place successfully with the participation of all members, and the most important thing was that we found five excellent people with the highest test scores. We honored and encouraged them by giving them small rewards.

To advance the achievements of the 1st information security training program, we will attempt to maintain and continuously improve the current information system to satisfy the customers and partners.

Thank you for your trust, and hopefully, we will continue to accompany you on the next journey.