[Case Studies] Life Insurance Registration System Development

Life Insurance Registration System Development

The insurance application is available only on the web. Activating paper application requires a new system to receive paper application information and link data to the existing system. In addition, the development period is so short that leaks can occur during the testing process. Although it is necessary to use the API of the existing system to make the data link, because there are many unclear points in the API design document, development is very difficult. VIETIS has urgently coordinated the appropriate development teams to reduce development time by working overtime while controlling the development volume well. We developed a test data generation tool, executed the API with actual test data, made sure that the unclear parts of the design document were clear, and made this project succeeded.

Client Information

Life insurance company specializing in online


PHP5.4 (Framework CakePHP 3.x)
MariaDB 5.5.x

Project Team

Onsite: 2 persons
Bridge SE (in Vietnam): 1 person
Offshore team: 7 persons