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We respond with all IT solutions for customer issues and innovation.

From system design, development and operation. Since we are able to consistently carry out all phases of development, you can consult us about everything. With application development technology, IT infrastructure system construction technology, embedded technology, and advanced technology as the core, we support IT solutions to solve customer problems.

System Development Maintenance Service

– Application Development
– Business system development
– Legacy Migration

Engineering Service

– Embedded Software Development
– CAD Design

Latest Technology Service

– PoC Labo
– AI Labo
– RPA (Robotic Processing Automation)


– Test center
– BPO Service

Our Strength

VIETIS has more than 255 engineers, and develops cutting-edge technologies such as smartphone application development, application services, and core system development, as well as IoT, AI, and cloud.

There are Japanese consultants and Bridge SE who are fluent in Japanese, so you can communicate in Japanese. From the upstream process of large-scale projects to prototype development of new services, we will support you as a part of the team and as a partner.

Japanese staff Enrollment

VIETIS has representative office in Japan with Japanese staffs and Vietnamese staffs who are fluent in Japanese.

Japanese language acquisition
rate of more than 40%

Japanese language acquisition rate of
engineers has reached more than 40% of the
total, and the project can be carried out with
the smooth communication.

Business experience with
Japanese companies

Established in 2009, VietIS has fast become
a dynamic and fast moving company in
Client Solution Management in information
technology in Japan and has been highly

More than 255
excellent engineers

We have qualify-minded staff, consisting

of more than 250 engineers are currently

working. We provide a wide range of needs

from upstream processes to downstream

processes in all industries and sectors.

Excellent cost performance

The unit price of engineers in Vietnam is approximately one-third to one-fourth of the cost compared to Japan. Systems development cost can be significantly reduced.

Thorough quality control
and Reliable security

We have established a management system

that conforms to various standards and

obtained certification so that customers can

rely on system development with peace of


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