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VietIS specializes in providing digital transformation, consulting services, and software solutions in many domains. We have a highly experienced in-house technical team that provides excellent consulting design, procurement, and support to customers.

Why Outsource Your IT Services?

Why Outsource
  • Adjust Scales Flexibly

    When using outsourcing services, you can flexibly expand or diminish their team size and adjust the timelines based on your own requirements.

  • Save Costs

    Carrying out work related to IT will trigger huge expenses related to the purchase and maintenance of hardware and software, especially the recruitment and training of the developers. Therefore, a huge cost can be saved by outsourcing IT services.

  • Utilise More Experience

    Outsourcing IT services can provide a wide range of expertise, which not many in-house teams can possess. Moreover, outsourcing developers have had rich experience thanks to their exposure to many different projects from worldwide customers.

  • Simplify Procurement

    You only need to go through simplified procurement processes to use outsourcing services. It is a great way to save not only time but also efforts

Looking For A Long-Term Technical Partner?

VietIS Services

Our team at VietIS can assist you in creating a solid digital foundation for your company so you can evolve your customer experience and surpass your competitors.

Digital Transformation

In the areas of banking, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, and insurance, VietIS is a company that specializes in offering organizations and enterprises solutions and applications of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology

Utilizing the best practices obtained from VIETIS’s many years of service provision experience, all services are performed according to international standards such as CMMI level 3, ISO27001: 2013, and we can provide the level of service requested by our customers.

Development of Mobile and Web Applications

We offer a solution for custom software development to entrepreneurs. We create audacious and distinctive digital products that support your professional objectives.

Customized Software Development

Why VietIS?

Certified Technical Staff
Stringent hiring procedures to find highly qualified developers
Instant Deployment
Using data-driven matching and improved profile creation
Business Simplicity
An efficient platform for the full remote employee augmentation process
This is a dedicated system development project for employees and customers specializing in insurance, helping agents’ employees distribute customers who register by paper or phone call, and customers can use the web to register online insurance packages.

Photo Services Web

02Case study
A project to switch E-context to SoftBank as the payment processor for a website that prints images, postcards, photo books, and prints photos. VietIS is in charge of the basic design, operation, and maintenance phases.
Through Line Application, developing and maintaining a customer service management system for the Supply System. In specifically, in a gas station has not ony car fuel service but also has car maintenance, car wash and registration document support system. We also take part in system maintenance and operation stage.



VietIS is known as an offshore company. There were quite a few offshore vendors exhibiting there, and honestly, it was difficult to decide which company was better. At this time, I had a chance to know and talk with Mr. Tan- Vice President of VietIS. I could see that he has a high level of technical capabilities and a fast capability to handle. There’s no doubt that Mr. Tan’s Japanese capability is an important element that made me choose VietIS to develop my product.To be honest, I felt that there was a gap in developers’ technical capabilities. But that is covered by other more experienced staff members, even if the program isn’t at a level that meets our requirements. Senior developers can follow instantly.

First Inc.

When developing the project with VietIS, although there are many challenges and obstacles when proceeding with the project, you have tried and worked hard with us to overcome them. The time when the project was completed is a deeply moving experience.I hope more and more members can work together to realize new technological innovations. We can see that your company is a good company/organization, please do not lose your kindness and make it become a big company. No matter how technical you are, I want you to keep that kindness.

Lecre Inc.

We have been working on the project together for over a year. We are very grateful because VietIS has development speed, abundant knowledge, and capability to foresee the project at the consultation stage.

BenefitOne Inc.

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