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We have been working on the project together for over a year. We are very grateful because VietIS has development speed, abundant knowledge, and capability to foresee the project at the consultation stage.
It is easy to grasp the current situation because VietIS’s developers have the capability of understanding and communicating. They can proceed with the project smoothly together, and the software used for progress is also filled in in detail.
In the future, I would be pleased if developers who joined the development process could exchange their ideas and opinions.

BenefitOne Inc.

VietIS is known as an offshore company. There were quite a few offshore vendors exhibiting there, and honestly, it was difficult to decide which company was better. At this time, I had a chance to know and talk with Mr. Tan- Vice President of VietIS. I could see that he has a high level of technical capabilities and a fast capability to handle. There’s no doubt that Mr. Tan’s Japanese capability is an important element that made me choose VietIS to develop my product.
To be honest, I felt that there was a gap in developers’ technical capabilities. But that is covered by other more experienced staff members, even if the program isn’t at a level that meets our requirements. Senior developers can follow instantly.

First Inc.

When developing the project with VietIS, although there are many challenges and obstacles when proceeding with the project, you have tried and worked hard with us to overcome them. The time when the project was completed is a deeply moving experience.
I hope more and more members can work together to realize new technological innovations. We can see that your company is a good company/organization, please do not lose your kindness and make it become a big company. No matter how technical you are, I want you to keep that kindness.

Lecre Inc.



27 Apr, 2022

Office Relocation Announcement and Cerebrating Party

It is our pleasure to announce that on 25th April 2022 in order to expanding our business and starting operation, our Japan brand VIETIS Solution Co., Ltd  has moved to the following address: Nihonbashi TEC Building 7F, 3-3-10 Nihonbashi, Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013, Japan. Same day, we organized a party in celebration for the new office opening.