18 Nov, 2020Company

VietIS attends PTIT Career Day 2020.

Thank you for coming to VietIS booth and showing us a very typical spirit of PTITers. We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future when we become colleagues !!!

10 Oct, 2020Company


1️⃣Being a tester is very simple! It is true that compared to the developer's work, the tester's tasks are a little more "leisurely", due to the following reasons: Without a tester, developers can still make software products. If there is no developer, there is no software to test, meaning that the testing job will not exist. It is difficult to define what is "test done". For example, the same product over a period of two hours, the hardworking and 'minded' tester can test up to 50 test cases, but the lazy tester only tests 30 cases. And in both cases, there may still be bugs. However, the tester job also has many specific pressures as follows: Tester's workload is not light, and must regularly work overtime no different from developer. Let's take an example of a regression test. In the case of maintenance, in order to change the functions of existing systems, it only takes developers half an hour to add/remove/edit a feature, while the tester has to test for a week after that is not uncommon. Testers are most afraid of system upgrade projects like that when fixing a single line of code can kill the whole system. Because for large/old systems, a small change can cause a complex impact on many different parts or even the whole system. A tester needs to have a deep understanding of product operations, end-users, as well as software development knowledge. Only when doing so can the tester do the following: - Understand how the system works, and then know the reasons why the system does not work. - Understand the work of the developer better, cooperate better with the team.

22 Jul, 2020Company

Accepting internships of FPT University students in 2020

The world is now adapting to digitalization, and IT is being used by various industries. As a IT company, VietIS is making an effort in a mechanism to receive internships that support the education of IT students annually.

28 Dec, 2018Company


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the effort of all our staff, the support and trust of customers who have helped us to achieve many accomplishments, come to know and be satisfied with our services by more customers.

10 May, 2018Company


VIETIS Corporation exhibited at “Japan IT Week Spring 2018” held in Tokyo from May 9th to 11th, along with 31 Vietnamese companies. This is an opportunity for Vietnamese software companies, including VIETIS Corporation, to introduce and bring Vietnamese technology products to the world.