We respond with all IT solutions for customer issues and innovation.

From system design, development and operation. Since we are able to consistently carry out all phases of development, you can consult us about everything. With application development technology, IT infrastructure system construction technology, embedded technology, and advanced technology as the core, we support IT solutions to solve customer problems.

Our Solutions

System Development Maintenance Service

– Application Development
– Business system development
– Legacy Migration

Engineering Service

– Embedded Software Development
– CAD Design

Latest Technology Service

– PoC Labo
– AI Labo
– RPA (Robotic Processing Automation)


– Test center
– BPO Service

Development Style

VIETIS’s Offshore development can be implemented both by labo and contract’s development.

We propose the best service with suitable cost to fit customer’s needs.

Labo Model

Lab-type development creates a development team for each customer project in VIETIS.
We arrange members for your team, we are committed to the project goals. There is a charge for the duration of the contract.

Project-based Model

In development contracted, we’ll make a development team within two companies for each customer project. Development proceeds based on specifications and external design documents.
There will be a charge for deliveries such as software and applications.

Quality & Security Management

Acquired international qualifications: CMMI (Level 3), ISO 27001. We provide high-quality systems that satisfy our customers.

We have established a management system that conforms to various standards and obtained certification so that customers can rely on system development with peace of mind. ISO / IEC27001 in the information security field and ISO9001 in the quality management field. The development division achieved CMMI Level 3 in February 2019.
Going forward, we will continue to improve processes without being satisfied with the achievement of CMMI Level 3, aiming to further improve productivity and quality.

CMMI (level 3 achieved)

Based on the process improvement model and CMMI, which is an assessment method for the organization that develops systems, the entire organization worked on improving the software development process and achieved Level 3 in February 2019.

ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.ISO 27001 is the international standard that describes best practice for an ISMS (information security management system).
The Standard takes a risk-based approach to information security, requiring organizations to identify threats to their organization and select appropriate controls to tackle them.
Based on customer desires and beliefs, VietIS got an ISO27001 certification – the international standard which is recognized globally for managing risks to the security of information.


Can I communicate in Japanese when working with your company?

Of course it is possible. Our company has more than 10 Japanese PM and 5 Vietnamese BA who are proficient in Japanese. They are sure to be assigned to projects. BA is in charge of the majority of the communication with and all interactions will be in Japanese.

Is there any communication lost in a project?

We believe that necessary thing is not only to translate words, but also to convey nuance and culture. Since Japanese clients account for 90% of our clients. We convey not only the information but also elements transparently. Thus, by deep understanding and the sense of commitment, Engineers can
work in projects smoothly.

I am concerning about the quality of products.

In comparison with Japanese engineers, Vietnamese engineers have not quite succeeded in technological capabilities. Furthermore, in order to make use of the high technical capability, management skill is very important. With our established strict management structure, it is possible to develop 100% of the power of engineers. Moreover, Our Quality Control team also makes test cases from the design stage and control quality with a high level of responsibility.

Can I start development with an agile type without a specification?

Yes, it is possible. Although we have many clients in startups, but there are many projects that specification is consolidated while reviewing idea, making a simple specification together and making a small team with a laboratory type.

Please tell me the minimum number of people and period of a contract.

We do not have any condition about the period. The number of people depends on the project, likely minimum is about 3 people but we also can organize a project which has less people if necessary. Please contact us at any time.

I heard that more people change the jobs in Viet Nam. So, is there any risk that employee will quit in the middle of the project?

There are relatively few Job-changing cases in our company. Since the development process is standardized at our company, even if a member quits due to some circumstances, we also have a mechanism that guarantee the quality no matter who join in the project.

Please tell me about the types of contract.

There are two kinds of Contracts: laboratory contract (quasi-mandate contract) and the service contract. In our company, there are many laboratory contracts 60%-70% in which we make a development team together with clients.

What are the benefits of offshore software development services?

Of course, labour cost is cheap but the great advantage is securing the required number of people. In addition, Client also receive shares about the purpose and features of our company and owns a specific team.

Our Clients