Dec 5, 2023

Notice of VietIS holiday schedule in 2024

VietIS holiday schedule in 2024
Nov 29, 2023

November workshop with the topic “Sharing about ZEN”

How to make a working day no longer tiring? How to not come home from work with a dead battery? How can work efficiency be increased with less time? The answer was suggested by Ngoc Ninh in the Workshop on the topic “Zen”. Society’s recent emphasis on mental health and body-heart-mind balance has made ” ... <strong>November workshop with the topic “Sharing about ZEN”</strong>
Nov 28, 2023

VietIS organizes periodic health checks for employees in 2023

In today’s era, ensuring the health and safety of employees in the working environment is becoming one of the most important factors that companies need to pay attention to. Periodic health checks not only help employees clearly understand their own health situation to quickly take preventive measures and timely treatment, but also help the company’s ... <strong>VietIS organizes periodic health checks for employees in 2023</strong>
Nov 20, 2023

Internal Mentor Appreciation Event at VietIS on November 20

Meaning of “teacher” In life, people have countless teachers. Each teacher has a different importance for each student. The idea of “teachers” is not only limited to those who impart knowledge in school, but also those who trust, share, guide, and instruct us in work and life, helping us to improve and live more useful ... Internal Mentor Appreciation Event at VietIS on November 20
Nov 16, 2023

Team building “Momijigari” in Japan

Momijirari, meaning “hunting” the place where the trees turn into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow to leaf peeping, is a speacial outdoor activities of Japanese in Autumn. Last weekend (November 11, 2023), members of the board of directors and members of VietIS Solution had the opportunity to reunite at an exciting and energetic ... Team building “Momijigari” in Japan
Nov 8, 2023


Everyone has at least one mentor in their life. It could be your teacher, a senior in the company, or anyone around you. Giving thanks is both easy and difficult, so let's take this opportunity to express your gratitude to them!
Nov 1, 2023

“Scary Night” Halloween festival at VietIS

In order to create a bonding playground for staff, every year VietIS has special activities during this holiday. This year, on Halloween, VietIS office was decorated with the concept of a tragedy.
Oct 19, 2023

VietIS (Hanoi) welcomed customers in October

Last October, VietIS was very happy to continuously welcome customer delegations from Japan. Starting with customers from the Vietnam IT Tour program organized by VietIS and its partners. The program aims to expand relationships with Japanese IT companies that are interested in the Vietnamese IT industry and companies that are considering using Vietnamese offshore services. ... <strong>VietIS (Hanoi) welcomed customers in October</strong>
Oct 11, 2023

“Muse” photo contest

October 20 – Vietnamese Women’s Day is approaching. This year, the company decorated and gave VietIS muses a space filled with flowers and leaves to save beautiful moments together! Along with that, the event organizer will select the best photos in this decoration area and award prizes to deserving women. Through this contest, VietIS wants ... <strong>“Muse” photo contest</strong>
Oct 3, 2023

 Seminar: “Common Japanese pronunciation errors”

When learning Japanese, pronunciation is an important part of showing respect and understanding of Japanese language and culture. However, it is not always easy to achieve perfection in Japanese pronunciation. This October, VIETIS organized a very useful Seminar on this topic under the guidance of Mr. LongDT – Manager of Development Department Group 2 of ... <strong> Seminar: “Common Japanese pronunciation errors”</strong>
Sep 29, 2023

Seminar: “the keys to becoming a successful Project Manager”

Society is increasingly developing, opening up many new job positions. For those of you who are learning about the field of Information Technology, you will probably be familiar with the phrase “Project Manager” or “PM”. So what is the job of a PM? And how to become a successful PM? Let’s listen to the sharing ... <strong>Seminar: “the keys to becoming a successful Project Manager”</strong>
Sep 13, 2023

International Programmers’ Day September 13

Starting to appear in Russia, up to now many countries around the world have chosen the 256th day of the year as a day to honor Programmers – Programmer’s Day (September 13, or September 12 of leap years). Why is it the 256th day of the year? Explain the reason for choosing this date, because ... <strong>International Programmers’ Day September 13</strong>