Mar 27, 2024


Maybe you don’t know? During the past 10 years, VietIS has been one of the pioneering companies in receiving and training interns and freshers. Until now, VietIS has been cooperating with many training organizations to support students and young people looking for an IT environment to learn and improve their knowledge. Among them is the ... <strong>COMPANY TOUR: VIETIS X FUNIX</strong>
Mar 12, 2024

International Women’s Event (March 8th)

How is your day today (March 8)? VietIS garden today is filled with gifts and flowers, but it cannot compare to the sunny smiles of our beauties. The boys took the girls to different levels of emotions. – First are the red hearts carrying secret gifts in the list of 5 gifts below: Besides, what ... <strong>International Women’s Event (March 8th)</strong>
Feb 29, 2024

Workshop: “Understanding the body and mind structure to increase work and life efficiency”

In modern society, besides the health problems that office workers face such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, spinal problems, vision problems, etc, there is another trend which also growing rapidly and receiving increasing attention are problems related to psychology and spirit such as depression, anxiety disorders, or others which are at a mild ... Workshop: “Understanding the body and mind structure to increase work and life efficiency”
Feb 15, 2024


Every Tet and Spring, the image of a Confucian scholar sitting next to a row of red paper and ink, perfecting each stroke for those who love letters, wishing for a new year of Peace, Happiness, Prosperity is a very beautiful image, bearing the traditional Tet spirit of Vietnamese people. The custom of asking for ... <strong>FIRST DAY OF SPRING OF THE DRAGON 2024</strong>
Feb 3, 2024

Year -End Party in Japan

Even though they are working in Japan and cannot return to Vietnam to celebrate Tet this year, the hearts of Vietnamese people always turn to their motherland. On the evening of February 2, the staff at VietIS organized a cozy dinner party at the office with typical Vietnamese Tet dishes: Take a close look at ... Year -End Party in Japan
Jan 25, 2024

SUM-UP & YEAR END PARTY – MOST awaited party of the year at VietIS

To wrap up the past year and prepare for the goals of the new financial year, on January 21, 2024, VietIS Company organized a SUM-UP party and welcomed the New Year at the hotel named “Mövenpick Living West Hanoi”. This is not only a party to summarize the year, but also a party to appreciate ... <strong>SUM-UP & YEAR END PARTY – MOST awaited party of the year at VietIS</strong>
Jan 11, 2024


Ao dai, a traditional Vietnamese costume, is often chosen to wear on important occasions such as Lunar New Year – the biggest holiday of the year and the most important occasion in Vietnamese culture. Ao Dai has the following features: ✅ Tradition: Ao Dai is considered a symbol of traditional Vietnamese culture. Choosing to wear ... “MODERN BOYS AND GIRLS – NOT AFRAID OF AO DAI” CONTEST 
Jan 2, 2024

“Ring the Golden Bell” exchange event

The mind game show took place between Mobile Mapping Vietnam Co., Ltd. & VietIS Investment and Solution Joint Stock Company. Mobile Mapping Vietnam is one of the pioneering companies investing in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing software products for digital information content, currently having an office on the 2nd floor of the 3A building. ... <strong>“Ring the Golden Bell” exchange event</strong>
Jan 2, 2024

  VietIS Solution: Sum-up and Year-End Party 2023

In the last days of December, the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year’s parties makes the streets of Tokyo busier and more crowded than usual. Like other years, the end of December is also the time for “reports” and “plans”. On December 18 ~ 22, 2023, Boss Linh and Boss Tan had a business trip ... <strong>  VietIS Solution: Sum-up and Year-End Party 2023</strong>
Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas!

Warmest holiday greetings to you and your team! 🎄✨ May this festive season be filled with joy, laughter, and cherished moments with loved ones. It’s been a pleasure working with you this year, and I’m immensely grateful for your partnership and trust. Wishing you continued success, prosperity, and happiness in the coming year. Merry Christmas ... Merry Christmas!
Dec 5, 2023

Notice of VietIS holiday schedule in 2024

VietIS holiday schedule in 2024
Nov 29, 2023

November workshop with the topic “Sharing about ZEN”

How to make a working day no longer tiring? How to not come home from work with a dead battery? How can work efficiency be increased with less time? The answer was suggested by Ngoc Ninh in the Workshop on the topic “Zen”. Society’s recent emphasis on mental health and body-heart-mind balance has made ” ... <strong>November workshop with the topic “Sharing about ZEN”</strong>