Starting to appear in Russia, up to now many countries around the world have chosen the 256th day of the year as a day to honor Programmers – Programmer’s Day (September 13, or September 12 of leap years).

Why is it the 256th day of the year? Explain the reason for choosing this date, because 256 is the largest value that 1 byte (or 8 bits) can represent in the binary system. The number 256 and its multiples are often used in programming.

In the field of Information Technology (IT) in general, programmers are the most basic factor, anyone pursuing a career in the IT field can (must) learn programming through at least one programming language. Then, according to your interests and trends, you can become a Programmer, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Information Security Expert, Online Marketing, or Project Consultant.

Will the upcoming iPhone 15 or Samsung S23 Ultra, etc bring “huge” revenue to mobile companies or push them to the brink of losses? All of them have a significant contribution from the programmers.

Programmers have been and will continue to work diligently, silently, changing everyone’s lives. Let’s honor them together!

As a software company with 80% of employees being Programmers, VietIS has prepared beautiful small gifts to send to Programmers today (September 13) with the message: Love and cherish the opportunities, intangible values that the job of a Programmer has brought to you!