We are excited to announce the new strategic partnership between VietIS and ZenAI – Conecta Wireless!

A big appreciation for Mr. Alex Friedlander and Mr. Ricard Gonzalez for coming from Spain to Ha Noi to meet with us.

This collaboration merges VietIS’s software development expertise with ZenAI’s cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. Together, we aim to drive innovation and deliver groundbreaking solutions across industries.

Key Objectives:
– Integrating advanced AI into VietIS’s software solutions.
– Leveraging AI for enhanced data analytics.
– Developing tailored AI applications for finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

– Delivering significant advancements in technology.
– Offering comprehensive solutions for improved efficiency and performance.
– Transforming the way businesses operate.

This collaboration will bring substantial value to clients and partners, setting new standards in the technology and AI sectors.

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