Although still remembering the memories and tanned skin from the summer vacation, the VietIS Big Family organized an annual event “Team Building Autumn 2019” to create more beautiful memories. We all arrive at the Song Hong Resort in Vinh Phuc Province, 50 km away from Hanoi city, where everyone can enjoy the same feeling of excitement ?️ Even if they move early in the morning! ?? The purpose isn’t exclusively relieving stress, it is an opportunity to utilize your teamwork ability and determination to win through various games.

It is also an important event that boosts team spirit and reduces the distance between people’s hearts! ! ! With the slogan, “Let’s play even if you fall down, don’t worry about unity” VIETISer put all energy into it, and thanks to all the hard work, I had an unforgettable memory of an ordinary Saturday. Those memories will become a thread to connect everyone to overcome any challenges or difficulties together in the future ? . Everyone participated enthusiastically in this event, and all of them returned with a smile. It’s great because everyone is so enthusiastic for the next job. VIETIS Corporation is always looking forward to making great memories with you!