2021 is coming to an end – a year with many challenges in the complicated Covid-19 epidemic situation in the global economy. Many companies had temporarily closed. Many workers lost their jobs, and many people lost a steady source of income. It can be seen that sectors such as education, tourism, and services have been impacted seriously. Fortunately, the software development industry has been the least affected. The software industry would grow and develop that year if it knew how to take advantage of the opportunities.

Despite taking effect of Covid-19, VietIS has implemented a tremendous thing that is turning challenges into opportunities. We not only stood firm in the face of difficulties but also grew strongly and expanded the scale. Specifically, many new projects have been started, and many new staff has been recruited into our company.

And here is the achievement, a worthy gift for the non-stop efforts in 2021 of all members of VietIS. Our Company has officially opened the third office with over 200 m² that is highly spacious and modern. This will be a new home for all of you, giving you the freedom to work and be creative.

Please, take a look at some pictures on the opening day of this new office.