Thanks to our customers and employees, we have achieved our business goals by “overcoming challenges” in the year 2020. And to welcome the year 2021 “continuing to hold beliefs”, we organized a wonderful party for our employees and customers in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

This is a party to look back at the past 2020, a party of music and light, a party of gratitude and happiness!

In 2020, there were many things that we have achieved together. Among these things, VietIS has successfully organized 2 events (one is a summer vacation in Ha Long and the other is SUM-UP 2020 which took place right before the outbreak of corona again) not only thanks to the unity of the whole staff, but also thanks to luck.

The party is over. We’re going to continue working for a more prosperous 2021 even though the coronavirus pandemic is still threatening out there. But everything will be fine because some have a washing machine, some have a heater, an air fryer, and so on. This promises a completely full and warm Tet Holiday!