Although the “party” and internal activities/events have occurred continuously in the past few weeks, VIS members have not forgotten the task of studying and improving their capabilities. Last July – for the first time, at VietIS, there was an internal training course dedicated to the Department of Translation and Interpretation. The training program is carefully prepared and conducted by the company’s mentor, Comtor Lead.

The content of the training program is broken down into 5 sessions with topics as follows:

? Session 1: Greeting and receiving instructions

? Session 2: Meeting and communication in the project

? Session 3: Report on progress

? Session 4: Japanese terms used in unit test, integration test, system test

? Session 5: Demo, User Acceptance Test, after-sales support.

Not only the Comtor team but the training session also attracted the participation of the staff at VietIS Solution (Japan). Taking this opportunity, the VN team and JP team also have the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other more.Upon finishing the training course, most survey participants had positive feedback regarding the training materials provided by “Teacher Chau”. Nevertheless, some respondents recommended improvements for the listening files in future programs. Furthermore, numerous participants showed enthusiasm for “taking more courses concentrating on improving their Japanese skills”, “enhancing their ability to translate during meetings”, and “learning Japanese terminologies often used in customer meetings”.