”Amazon CodeGuru” Study Group at Viet IS

18 Aug, 2020 / Company

The Coronavirus is affecting every industry and company.

One of the policies of VietIS is studying how to add more positive things to its impact.

This time, we held a study session on Amazon CodeGuru.

1. Study group goals

-Introduction of tools for code optimization

-Recommendation of performance improvement measures

-Reduction of the effort of code review

2. Features of Amazon CodeGuru

-Applicability and efficiency are highly evaluated thanks to development based on machine learning

-Automating source code review, finding defects, explaining, and recommending source code optimization measures

-Automatic analysis of application performance, identification of problems related to CPU (discovery of functions that consume a lot of CPU capacity, processing time, etc.), recommended improvement measures

-Improvement of project quality and proactive prevention from bugs and defects.

3. Actual application in development projects

-Improve project quality and proactively prevent bugs and glitches.