How to make a working day no longer tiring?

How to not come home from work with a dead battery?

How can work efficiency be increased with less time?

The answer was suggested by Ngoc Ninh in the Workshop on the topic “Zen”. Society’s recent emphasis on mental health and body-heart-mind balance has made ” Zen” an extremely “hot” keyword. Perhaps that is also the reason why the Workshop received great attention from nearly 30 staff from both VietIS Japan and Vietnam.

Ngoc Ninh had a very good introduction and sharing about balancing Body and Mind, some solutions to improve mental health and especially one of those solutions is ” Zen”. Through this, we can understand what Zen is, the benefits of Zen, and what is “Healing” – the top searched keyword today, especially among young people.

In addition to the theoretical parts, Speaker Ngoc Ninh also gave examples and directed practice exercises to be able to practice Zen properly, such as sitting posture, how to place body parts comfortably, and how to breathe out properly. From there you can apply and practice Meditation at home.

A topic that is both attractive and practical is the attraction of the Workshop from Ngoc Ninh. Even though the content is quite long, people still listen until the last minute. Hopefully in the near future Ngoc Ninh will have more in-depth sharing sessions for everyone on how to practice Zen in life.