In today’s era, ensuring the health and safety of employees in the working environment is becoming one of the most important factors that companies need to pay attention to.

Periodic health checks not only help employees clearly understand their own health situation to quickly take preventive measures and timely treatment, but also help the company’s Board of Directors assess the level of correlation between health and job requirements to make reasonable adjustment policies to ensure benefits for both employees and the Company.

The health examination program is divided into 2 main examination sessions and 1 additional examination session so that employees have time for examinations consistent with their plans. In addition to the list of general examinations, the employees have been fully carried out by the medical team and doctors on examination procedures and contents such as: general examination, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood formula, blood sugar, blood fat, liver function tests, etc.

In addition, doctors will also advise and give advice on healthy diet and lifestyle to help employees maintain good health and work effectively.

To ensure privacy and reliability, personal information and health examination results of each employee will be absolutely confidential. Only doctors and medical staff have access to this information and it will not be shared with any third parties.