An outstanding achievement of the IDT (Internal Data Transformation Department) last August that we cannot help but praise is the completion of the Time Tracking tool. Originating from a project assignment of a member of IDT, realizing its usefulness, the Board of Directors invested to expand the scope of the project. The application will be a powerful arm for the Administration Department in supporting the provision of information about employees’ check-in and check-out (based on the card swiping system), information about the employees with the highest number of late arrivals, employees on vacation/working remotely, seating management, and so on.

Available features for users include the following:

  • The user can log in and move to the correct location on the seat map (the floor location where the user is sitting on)
  • When clicking on a seat location, the user can view the note information that the member of that seat has noted that day as well as that member’s card swipe history for the month (leave history, and so on). If the user clicks on his own seat location, he can set up a personal note for that day (for example, the user can note “I have to go out for 30 minutes”, etc)
  • The list of employees with the highest number of late arrivals will be calculated by month, from the 1st of that month to the current day (only displaying employees with the highest number of late arrivals more than 3 times)
  • The dashboard will also display information about rewards, penalties, and announcements of regulations and policies

In the next development phase of Time Tracking, the development team is expected to complete and add the following features according to everyone’s feedback:

  • Improving card readers to collect more accurate data. The current data still has many errors due to the card reader being old, in some cases unable to receive data or receiving data many times even if only swiping the card once, etc.
  • Improving the tool’s interface
  • The feature allows employees to see their remaining leave days
  • The feature allows admins to schedule information to display on the dashboard in advance


In order for the system to reach its most perfect state, we hope that everyone will continue to contribute ideas and solutions to the tool development team!