Xamarin was founded in May 2011 from the Mono Open Source project. This is a Platform that allows running .Net on all platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS … founded by Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman with a community of about 1.3 million programmers. This community exclusively uses the company’s tools, creating mobile applications in C#, allowing to run cross-platform for iOS, Android and Windows. For the reasons mentioned above, C# .net is the closest language for those who want to learn to switch into Xamarin. And after 5 years of development, in March 2016, Xamarin was officially merged with Microsoft.

There are five reasons we should learn mobile programming with Xamarin as below:

1.Write code once, run many places (Just write code once but can be compatible with all 3 platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

2.Build cross-platform native apps based on a shared C# codebase, using the same IDE, language, and API

3.Platform compatible interface, native API access, and good device performance

4.What can be done in Objective-C, Swift or Java can also be done in C# with Xamarin

5.Simultaneous support for new OS versions

See more Xamarin beginner’s guide: HERE

In June 2021, Microsoft launched a new platform for developing mobile apps, called .Net MAUI. MAUI is an evolution of Xamarin Forms, a toolkit that is growing in popularity. After this time, many Xamarin Forms programmers also gradually switched to the new technology .net MAUI.

For details on MAUI language: HERE


Perhaps the fewer job opportunities compared to web and mobile developers is the biggest obstacle that keeps developers from wanting to learn the Xamarin programming language. Another common reason is that once they are used to .net (web) programming, many programmers share that they are often not ready to switch to a mobile programming language. However, also because this is a language that is rarely used by many people, with less human resources than the market needs, compensation and salary for Xamarin programmers will often be much better than programmers of other languages.

VietIS is proud to have a team of experienced Xamarin programmers, who have worked with large Japanese customers for nearly 5 years in this field of technology and continue to expand its staff specializing in Xamarin. Currently VietIS is giving 2 opportunities to .NET freshers who are willing to open their hearts to the .net MAUI language (formerly Xamarin). Don’t worry, you will get the following:

1.Training from scratch

2.Join the project right after the training period

3.Have the opportunity to change the contract officially after 4 months

4.Attractive allowance level right from the apprenticeship

Find out more information at VietIS Careers website and become a part of us!