The work is always busy and stressful, so our IT boys need to work hard on exercises and sports to balance and relieve themselves. Football is the king sport and also the most popular sport in VietIS. VietIS’ internal team was born from the early days of VietIS establishment, is a collection of passionate and enthusiastic hearts with the round ball. Currently, the team consists of 20 members, who are both current staff and staff who are no longer working at VietIS. Every week, the members always keep their practice schedule and participate in 1~2 matches to interact with other teams. Not only that, every year, the VietIS team also organizes internal company competitions and friendly tournaments with other companies in the software field.

Receiving an invitation from Agile Lead Academy, next March VietIS will join 15 teams from other companies to compete in the WISE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023 football tournament.

With VietIS, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, when participating in this tournament, everyone’s spirit and health are improved is the most important thing of the VIETIS Team!