Following the success of the past seasons, according to the wishes and expectations of 99.99% of VietIS staff after a closed survey by the organizers, the outstanding event in February is the Game Award AOE with a name that promotes fighting spirit – “Return of the King”.

The familiar saying “just hearing the name makes my spirit ignite” an anonymous boy said when the organizers announced the official name of the amateur AOE 2023 organized by VietIS.



It didn’t take too long to encourage everyone to participate like other Mini Games or competitions, within 1 week after the announcement of the contest rules, the following 4 teams quickly registered:

  • Vo Dich Nam Sau (in English means “Next Year’s Champion”)
  • The new King
  • 115
  • G.O.M

All four teams are extremely bright and experienced faces in the AOE arena from different business units at VietIS.

Are you curious “who” became this year’s “King”? And how did the return of this “King” go? Let’s continue with our section below!


On February 26, 2023, a sunny day in Hanoi was like pouring honey, with such beautiful and gentle weather, it was suitable for walking around the streets with close friends. But instead of this, the VIS staff devoted 100% of their mind and strength to the explosive match that took place at Spartacus Gaming Center at 146 Pham Van Dong Street.

?️‍?️With the format of 4×4 round competition, 6 qualifying matches took place. Team 115 took the lead with 3 consecutive wins. At the same time, team Next Year’s Champion with 2 points also entered the BO5 final. (BO5 means there will be a maximum of 5 matches and out of the 4 participating teams, the team that wins 2 matches will advance to the next rounds).

?The very surprising thing that happened in this final match was that team Next Year’s Champion won 3 consecutive matches and defeated opponent team 115 to win the 1st prize worth 1,500,000VND.

And do you know that the name of the team “Next Year’s Champion” was inspired by the idiom “God gives them what they hate” (the team pretends not to like this year’s championship) and then “very surprised” became the king – the new Champion of this year’s tournament. ?

✨Congratulations to team 115 from Business Unit 2 with 2nd prize of 1,000,000VND. We wish team 115 next year will also achieve a higher prize than this year.


G.O.M and The New King are two teams who competed at BO3 for the third prize. (BO3 means there will be a maximum of 3 matches and the team that wins 2 matches will be the winner of the match). As expected, with the spirit of having fun and comedy, team G.O.M stepped back to let the opponent receive the third prize, worth 500,000VND.


It’s true that with the league, things get a lot more intense than when we watched League of Legends! ?

But that’s from the perspective of the organizers only, but you guys seem… ? *enjoyed the game very much*.


Thank you to all the teams for making the tournament an enjoyable one. After all, what we, the organizers of the tournament, want to bring is a playground where programmers temporarily forget about work and return to being themselves. Hope the participating programmers had a really relaxing weekend and bonded together more. See you in the next matches. ?