Becoming a project manager at VietIS was a journey filled with hard work and dedication. I started my career as a software developer, but soon realized that I had a passion for leading and organizing teams. I decided to switch my focus to project management and obtained a PMP certification.
At VietIS, I was given the opportunity to apply my newfound knowledge as a junior project manager. The company offered me numerous challenges and opportunities for growth. With the support and guidance of my mentors and by keeping up with industry trends, I worked my way up to the role of project manager.

Mr. Ngo Ngoc Bach – Senior Project Manager at VietIS.

At VietIS, I now manage complex projects and lead cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality results. The company has provided me with a supportive environment where I can continue to learn and grow as a project manager. My success at VietIS is a testament to the opportunities and resources the company provides its employees.
In conclusion, my journey to becoming a project manager at VietIS has been a fulfilling one, made possible by the support and opportunities provided by the company. If you aspire to become a project manager, my advice is to invest in your education, seek out hands-on experience, and never stop learning and growing.