On the afternoon of February 14, at the AC office training room, a workshop with the theme: “Introduce Modern Android App Architectures”. The person sharing is Mr. Le Xuan Truong, currently a Project Manager at Business Unit 3.

The content he shared included the following:

  1. 1.Basics of Android Architecture
  2. 2.Key Components of Android Architecture
  3. 3.Architectural Pattern
  4. 4.Common Android app architecture:
  • 4.1.MVC
  • 4.2.MVP
  • 4.3.MVVM
  • 4.4.MVI
  • 4.5.Clean Architecture

With each of the above development models, Mr. L.X Truong explicitly analyzed the advantages, disadvantages, and when to use which model.

Although it was only a small sharing session within his business unit, the workshop was also carefully prepared by Mr. Truong in terms of content and presentation. The knowledge that Mr. Truong shared has helped the members to systematize and consolidate their knowledge.

Let’s continue to look forward to the next workshops at VIS!