Taking the opportunity of a member of VietIS “gaining” the AWS certificate, we quickly met and interviewed him to share “secrets” in this news. Let’s listen to Mr. P.X.Vinh’s story!

AWS Certifications are a set of certifications issued by Amazon, assessing the level of understanding of the Cloud (cloud computing), specifically the services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as the application of those services effectively into practical problems. These certificates are divided into Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, Operations, and Specialty.

The certificate I took is the AWS Certified Machine Learning. This is a specialty certification that assesses your skills in building and developing machine learning programs on AWS. Like all other certifications, this certificate requires a clear study plan and thorough preparation to be able to pass the first exam.

📨 My exam experience is that the exam questions a lot about how the problems will be solved on AWS. The exam consists of 4 parts as follows:

Domain 1: Data Engineering 20%

Domain 2: Exploratory Data Analysis 24%

Domain 3: Modeling 36%

Domain 4: Machine Learning Implementation and Operations 20%

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the above content to achieve the best results.

Because this is a popular service, there are many documents on the Internet, you can search for keywords and learn more.

Another note is that it is necessary to practice working with AWS services based on a good background knowledge of machine learning.

Here is a guide from AWS for your reference: https://d1.awsstatic.com/…/AWS-Certified-Machine…

If you are planning to take the exam, start studying ‘now or never’. In the past, many times I also planned to take the exam, but due to busy work, until the end of the year, I did not study and take the exam. Therefore, I tried to arrange a suitable time to study for the exam, although I spent little time, I studied every day to accumulate and gain knowledge.

The important thing that I am about to share, perhaps many of you already know. The important information is that our company supports 100% of the exam fee, and if you pass the exam, you will be rewarded with 500,000VND. The company has such a policy of encouragement, so I decided to take the exam.

The value of a certificate is not passing or failing, it is the knowledge that we learn when we study for the exam. (Although I said that, if the test result is a failure, everyone will be sad, because the exam fee of 7 million VND is also quite high). Stay calm, be confident and win. Wishing you good results in your exams!