At the beginning of the new year, we would like to write this news to share with you about Mr. LongNV from Business Unit 6. He is the person who passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 last December. Passing the exam must have made him feel so warm during Tet holiday…

Here we will talk about his arduous but also very sweet process to achieve his JLPT Certificate N2.

Mr. Long was supported by VietIS to participate in the N2 exam preparation course at Riki Nihongo Japanese Language Center in September 2022. After 4 months of “hitting the books”, Mr. Long took the exam and excellently “brought a certificate home for mom”.

Therefore, he not only received 100% of the course fee support from the company, but also received 500,000 VND as a reward for passing the certificate and receiving an allowance of N2 (3 million VND/month) during the certificate’s validity period. This is really a big encouragement.^^

The spirit of learning is always encouraged at VietIS. We hope that next year, our company’s certificate “store” and knowledge “store” will be more and more and we will have more opportunities to write news like this one to share with all of you.

Wishing you all a lot of health to successfully conquer new goals!