Road to Anniversary – That is the name of a series of events towards the 10th anniversary of VietIS’s establishment (2013 – 2023). This series of events includes the following activities:

  • Writing contest “Memoirs of VietIS” 
  • Football competition within the company
  • Badminton competition within the company
  • Sports Festival
  • Summer vacation

“Memoirs of VietIS” is a contest launched from the beginning of May 2023. This is a contest for “introverted” employees who don’t talk much but have a lot to say. Here, you can freely talk about your memorable experiences with colleagues, partners and customers. It can be a joy to find a good, talented, conscientious mentor; outings, teambuilding with beloved colleagues; or difficult projects that the team has unanimously overcome… It can also be sad memories, profound lessons that each person learns and draws on his or her own path of learning and development. The articles after the contest were compiled into a book of memoirs by the contest organizers, printed and sent to all employees.

This seems to be a playground for women, since all the awards are given to women. So I know that VietIS female staffs are small in number but very good quality.

The 2nd internal company football competition has attracted men who love football, the king sport on the field. If in the cultural match, women score absolutely, then in this sports field, the men are completely overwhelmed. Along with creating a playground for brothers after stressful working hours, this is also a place for exchanges between generations of VietIS employees, including current and former employees.

Continuing the tradition, this year the Thor FC team from Business Unit 1 has continued to maintain the championship record of the tournament. Mr. Tran Dinh Manh of Thor FC team also excellently received the Golden Foot award.

Along with football, badminton is the second most popular sport at VietIS. This badminton competition is extremely interesting and attractive because it has attracted both male and female players.

Next, the Sports Festival held in the early days of July attracted more than 40 employees. This is both an opportunity for everyone to bond, and also shows that the spirit of enthusiasm and solidarity is the strength of a team. Although the competition had winners and losers, above all, everyone was always together shoulder to shoulder, and “added” an interesting experience.

And the Road to Anniversary journey ended with a summer vacation that attracted 130 employees and their family. Resting at Lang Co beach, which is known as the most beautiful beach on the planet for 3 days, surely each VietISer has collected for himself or herself positive energies from nature and the universe to prepare a new mindset to conquer the next journey.

Let’s take a look at the Road to Anniversary journey through this Video: HERE