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Receive the Requirement
Understanding the requirement
Consultation/ Interview
Process Evaluation

01. Digital Transformation

In order to reap the revolutionary advantages of digitization, our digital transformation experts help leading businesses to create and deliver next-generation software products.

  • Discovery
    • VietIS will go into detail about the experience you want to offer before diving into digital transformation. We will help you in this process by providing answers to the following questions: What, Where, and How?
  • Change
    • Before deciding to adopt technology, many firms don’t take the time to consider what they actually need. This is a waste of time and resources and can result in digital fatigue.
    • Therefore, defining your objectives and desired outcomes can help you develop an effective digital transformation strategy. The appropriate technologies in line with the strategy for digital transformation will be offered by our knowledgeable experts.
  • Scale
    • The process of digital transformation is ongoing and has no defined end point. To assure your success, VietIS keeps its tech specialists up to date on the newest developments in technology.
  • Optimize
    • Take a step back as you execute improvements in your company to assess your progress and make any corrections. Then, you can discuss your progress and what isn’t working with important stakeholders. In the future, VietIS will be available to help you with any additional upgrades.
Features of the service
  • Full support from analysis, solution, and construction to operation.
  • Experienced and proven expert team
  • Advanced technology know-how and abundant staff

02. Blockchain Technology

In the areas of banking, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, and insurance, VietIS is a company that specializes in offering organizations and enterprises solutions and applications of Blockchain technology.

We will assess, evaluate, develop a plan, and provide the best solution to install Blockchain technology applications for people and businesses with a team of competent and experienced specialists and programmers. Businesses and corporations can do so swiftly, effectively, and safely.

Why do we use Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology eliminates the costs associated with managing and recording transactions through third parties including banks, mediators, payment networks, and money transfer services. By avoiding the need to update old systems and administrative infrastructure in enterprises, it can also reduce operational and IT expenditures. The use of Blockchain technology requires some financial commitment. However, the price is far lower than the expense of maintaining IT infrastructure. The same holds true for other facets of the company, such as finance or supply chain management.
Generating Revenue
The Blockchain removes administrative and teamwork boundaries, paving the path for creative business tactics that were simply not possible before distributed ledger technology. Blockchain opens the door for new infrastructure and business models with this new independence.
Effect on Consumers
The possibility to address previously neglected needs of customers and communities is provided by new business models. Blockchain innovations in the medical sector offer ways to get around obstacles like remote patient care and record-keeping via networked smart medical devices and synced records.
Blockchain Services
Smart Contract Development

– dApp Development

– Tokenization Development

– Public Blockchain Development

– Private Blockchain Development

– Blockchain Consulting
Blockchain is here to help your business
Complete transparency
Data is identical and accessible for all participants across locations

Security enhancement
Each information block is immutable and thoroughly encrypted

Productivity boost
Save time and resources by streamlining manual processes

Direct transactions
Cut out intermediaries to make transactions cheaper and faster

03. Development of Mobile and Web Applications

We always commit to providing the level of services that meet customer requirements. All services are performed according to international standards, which is CMMI level 3 and ISO27001: 2013 by utilizing best practices obtained from 10 years’+ experience.

Website Development

We get you an outstanding, responsive website that follows a fast go-to-market strategy and is ready to be tested by your users.Build user-centric websites and web software using our unique web development services’ processes and our skilled team of developers and designers.

Our Service Offering


The optimal foundation for your project will be suggested by our specialists, who will also create a timeline with features that are prioritized.


You can manage realistic timetables, plan ahead, and save money by using our product design process.


Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through each stage of the software development life cycle so you can concentrate on the successes of your company.

Mobile Development

Using a smartphone app, become just a click away. We improve the workflows of your mobile apps using cutting-edge technology and outstanding design.
User-centric mobile applications will be created by our team of engineers and designers to help you stand out and achieve your business objectives.

Mobility Service Offering


A mobile app enables direct and efficient communication between your company and its clients through the creation of a direct marketing channel.


Customer satisfaction depends heavily on the pace of communication. Having a mobile app will help you put your business in the hands of both current and potential customers as we transition to a mobile-centric society and secure commercial success in the future.


Consumers may communicate with and learn more about your company through a mobile app, which is one of the most significant features available. By interacting with your target market frequently, you will develop trust with them.

04. Customized Software Development

We offer a solution for custom software development to entrepreneurs. We create audacious and distinctive digital products that support your professional objectives. Each product’s features are intended to increase the worth of your business, the number of customers you have, and your profitability. Custom software development enables certain business requirements to be handled at a competitive price when compared to commercial software and its modification and maintenance.


Custom software is a product that has been specifically designed to ensure smooth operation. In terms of software setup, support, and scalability, this approach saves time and money.


With software customized to your company’s needs, you won’t have to worry about scalability because software complexity increases in lockstep with your business’s expansion.

Simple & Affordable Integration

With the help of custom software development, existing digital services and infrastructure may be accurately and seamlessly integrated, allowing business operations to be properly synchronized.

Our Process


Exploration Stage

The assessment of the project and comprehension of your company’s objectives are the primary objectives of the discovery stage of the development of bespoke software. Based on this demand elicitation, we create the most affordable technological solution and tailored software development methodology to jointly accomplish the set goals.

Based on the specifics and requirements of your project, our team develops an individual discovery plan with corresponding deliveries for the creation of custom software. Following the exploration phase, you will be given an interactive product prototype showing your future digital product. We will work together to complete the UX/UI design.


UI/UX Design

Every one of our projects is driven by design, and UI/UX design is crucial to the discovery stage. As part of our bespoke software services, we create a design based on your project concept and organizational requirements while adhering to the project budget and timeframe. The creation of user-friendly software with an aesthetically beautiful interface is the ultimate goal of custom software development.


Customized Software Development

This is the stage of developing custom software where the magic happens. Based on our high standards for software development, we pay particular attention to guaranteeing the product’s stability and good performance (iOS, Android, Web Front-end, Web Back-end).

In order to meet the project’s budget and timeline, we use agile methodologies to track our work on a daily basis.


Software Testing

Since the beginning of the custom software development lifecycle, we have integrated quality assurance (2-week sprints). This indicates that any new feature created during this time period is fully tested using hundreds of autotests and manual techniques.

To make sure that previously developed features are not affected by new software functionality, we undertake regression testing in addition to routine functional, performance, regression, usability, and unit tests.



The solution is subsequently prepared for market entry and made accessible to final users.



Our programmers will monitor the performance of your solution after it is operational and take user feedback into account to further enhance it. Following deployment, we additionally make any necessary modifications.