With the goal of continuous improvement, from the fourth quarter of 2022, the Quality Department has carried out improvement activities to improve the capacity of the staff of all business units at VietIS.

The program kicked off with a two-month series of interviews with relevant employees. Then, based on the collected content, the team began to analyze the current situation, find problems and propose improvement solutions.

The results of these improvement activities were summarized in 4 training sessions:

+ Training on human resource management skills in the project – December 2022

+ Training on design skills – January 2023

+ Training on estimation skills – February 2023

+ Training on coding skills – February 2023

The above training sessions were held with the full participation of members from business units and received many useful comments.

Along with that, the company also built and developed the internal tool called Wiki to meet the desire to have a unified repository of skills, knowledge, and know-how of the company’s staff. Currently, Wiki is in the process of developing content by calling for staff to contribute articles.

VietIS is an organization that always focuses on quality improvement activities, so we hope that this program will bring many improvements in the software project development and management process. From there, it will bring projects with better quality and experience to customers.