Another season change song called March has come again. March, when filled with the echoes of spring colors on all roads, rivers, grasslands… is also when people feel the radiant warm atmosphere of heaven and earth and is also the time when we are happy to welcome a big holiday, which is March 8.

The program to celebrate International Women’s Day 8-3 this year has the theme “Be Always Blooming” which is inspired by the simple thought: “Every girl is a beautiful flower”.💐

As a girl, no matter how different your personality is, in essence, you are still feminine individuals and love feminine things. No matter how you look, no matter what your job, be brilliant and beautiful in your own way like the saying: “Be brilliant and beautiful in your own way”.

🥳International Women’s Day is the day when VIS men give their continuous and overwhelming love to female friends in the company. Therefore, a team of handsome men wearing white shirts was established to carry out the task of handing each sister gifts with good wishes, full of meaning.

Abracadabra, open the elevator door…

Just like in the movie, a whole bunch of handsome boys are waiting to give you flowers. The beauties beamed with smiles to greet March 8. The VietIS boys have prepared a very decent and thoughtful program to bring a lot of laughter, joy and surprise to the girls.

  • A day of consecutive gifts from the boys, and the most impressive is probably the replay button to 2 times the dance song of an emerging group called QTNT
  • The band’s sweet voice and lovely music lead the sisters to the stage of “Be always blooming”
  • The categories of nominations for star girls voted by men were also broadcast: Inspiring Woman, Powerful Lady, Queen of Detecting Bugs, Food God, The Voice…

It is impossible for a couple of categories to paint all the colors and shades of VietIS “beautiful flowers”, but we hope to have contributed to making women feel happy. We would like to send our most sincere thanks to the male friends in the company for organizing a meaningful program. It is events like these that have contributed to helping people get closer, understand and love each other more.