Momijirari, meaning “hunting” the place where the trees turn into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow to leaf peeping, is a speacial outdoor activities of Japanese in Autumn.

Last weekend (November 11, 2023), members of the board of directors and members of VietIS Solution had the opportunity to reunite at an exciting and energetic BBQ at Misato park, Saitama city, Japan.

Team building took place in the cold weather of the early days of autumn, creating a comfortable and fun space for the participating VIS-ers. Please join us in admiring the atmosphere surrounded by the brilliant red foliage of autumn, the lovely moments of gathering together for a BBQ, and the “high-quality” autumn photos of the amateur photography team of VietIS Solution.

We believe that team building like this is not only an opportunity to relax but also an opportunity for everyone to understand and connect more deeply, creating consensus and strong teamwork in daily work.