Everyone has at least one mentor in their life. It could be your teacher, a senior in the company, or anyone around you. Giving thanks is both easy and difficult, so let’s take this opportunity to express your gratitude to them!

❤ November 20 is approaching. The “Dear My Mentor” contest organized by the VietIS General Association is an opportunity for you to speak your heart and show off to the world about the Mentors and Trainers who have led you in the past!

• Time to submit entries: from November 8 to November 14

• Contest participants: all employees working at VietIS

• Entries are allowed to be written about: internal trainers, colleagues in the company (can be expanded to include family members)

• Format of entries: article (no more than 1000 words), 1 self-designed card, 1 video, 1 gift made by yourself, etc.

🌼 Rules:

🌿 Step 1: Send your entry to the contest organizers (If possible, attach a photo of the trainer/mentor that the article is about).

Some suggested contents are as follows:

• The changes in your life after meeting that mentor.

• Your thanks to your mentor.

• The frustrations you have suppressed because of your mentor’s strictness.

• And all the excitement you feel towards your mentor!

Address to receive entries: Link here from November 8 – November 14 (You can submit anonymously or make your identity public, so don’t be afraid to share your secrets with your Mentor!)

🌿Step 2: Post your entry to the VietIS General Association (November 15)

🎁”Huge” prize:

*For writers:

1 First Prize (Judges will score)

1 Second prize (Judges will score)

1 Third prize (Judges will score)

1 Favorite prize (everyone will vote)

*For Mentors mentioned in the entries: The organizers will send them secret gifts

There are things that if you don’t say them, no one will know. Don’t let yourself regret because your words of love are too late! 💝