Meaning of “teacher”

In life, people have countless teachers. Each teacher has a different importance for each student. The idea of “teachers” is not only limited to those who impart knowledge in school, but also those who trust, share, guide, and instruct us in work and life, helping us to improve and live more useful and meaningful lives.

At VIETIS, learning culture is always promoted and given top priority. Courses, seminars, and training programs are run throughout the Company’s development journey. The relationship between mentor and mentee also becomes a link between giving and receiving knowledge.

Dr. Tran Phuong Lan – former Director of the FSB Institute of Business Administration shared: “Mentor and Mentee – is a relationship in which a person with a lot of experience and/or a lot of knowledge leads a person with little experience or knowledge. more knowledgeable with 6 components: skill development, knowledge development, career orientation, problem solving, networking, mentoring Mentees, so the role of Mentor is very important.

November 20 is a beautiful and meaningful occasion to express gratitude to the team of mentors – those who contribute greatly to VIETIS’s knowledge treasure, sharing their knowledge and skills in the mentee’s development journey.

On this special occasion, VietIS organized a cozy tea break to summarize internal training activities in 2023 and express gratitude to the mentors, trainers, and speakers of the year.

Special gift sent to Mentors

During this event, Chairman Dang Dieu Linh said: “2023 is a difficult year for the entire market. Thank you to the mentors for both doing a good job professionally and being enthusiastic in training, sharing knowledge, and guiding colleagues. Hopefully in 2024 the company will continue to have your companionship and contributions in the career of developing talented people.” Along with that, he represented the company and personally delivered meaningful gifts to the “teachers” at VietIS.

Below are some comments from VietIS employees for their “mentors” in the “Dear my Mentor” contest:

To Mentor D.D.L:

“Thank you for your inspiration in difficult times, for your advice and guidance in new endeavors. Wishing you good health and always being an inspired person, full of learning spirit like the first days I met you!!!

To Mentor T.T.D:

“On November 20, I would like to sincerely thank my boss, my first teacher when I entered the labor market, for giving me the opportunity to become a Tester. Thank you boss for favoring me throughout my work. Special thanks to the company for taking care of me all this time.”

To Mentor N.T.G:

“On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20, I would like to send you wishes for health and happiness. Hopefully you will always be successful in work and in life, and continue to inspire the next interns.”