Studying and taking the certification exam is inherently difficult. Even more difficult is that we have to spend both time and health to prepare for the certification exam after a whole day of work for a long time. That means, while everyone is resting after a day of work, you are engrossed in online classes and while everyone has a weekend to spend with your family, you work hard to practice exams, learn English…. However, any success requires hard work. Only when it comes will we feel the sweet taste of victory.

On a beautiful early March day, VietIS received good news from a member of Business Unit 6. He announced that he had passed the “AWS Certified Architect Solution” certification. Accompanying him during the 3 months of study, knowing his determination from the very beginning, we are really happy with Hieu’s success. And very quickly, we also made an appointment and had a small interview with the person who had successfully completed this exam. It was Mr. V.C.Hieu.

Our first impression was: “Wow, a very handsome boy. A handsome boy with good exam results. However, Mr. Hieu is already married, and I heard that Mr. Hieu’s wife is also very beautiful and talented!”. I said that sitting with and interviewing with “handsome boy” was also in a different mood. Now, let’s listen to “a few lines” shared by Mr. Hieu. We hope that Mr. Hieu’s sharing will create more motivation and help VietIS staff who are intending to take this certification exam.

First for those who don’t know about AWS Certification. This is a set of certificates issued by Amazon, used to assess the understanding of the Cloud (cloud computing), specifically the services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as the effective application of those services to solve real-world problems.

The AWS certification suite is divided into Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, Operations, and Specialty roles. In terms of difficulty, there are 3 levels: Foundational, Associate and Professional.

The certification exam has never been easy, but it can’t be difficult for VietIS staff! And here are some “secrets” of Mr. Hieu about this journey of “sharpening history” and achieving this success:

“To say “secret” is a bit too much, but I am also willing to share with everyone about some tips I have done to achieve the certificate as follows:

  • First of all, there is a course on AWS provided by Techmaster, which the company paid for the course fee for me and many other staff to participate in from September to December 2022. Different from other staff, from the very beginning of the course I was determined to take the exam to achieve this certificate.

-> Tip #1: Set a goal from the start and stick to it

  • After the course ended, I chose to regularly watch the videos of each recorded session. At the same time, spend time practicing exam questions of two authors: Neal Davis and Stephan Mare. A small tip to everyone is that this set of exam questions is given out by the teachers at the center for free.

-> Tip #2: Study hard in theory, practice and try out the questions to get used to the format and content of the questions in the exam

  • Of course, at the same time, you should also self-study and find out more information. Because there is so much online, it’s not too difficult to find other information.

-> Tip #3: Get references from other sources and from people who have had previous exam experience

In the process of studying, the biggest difficulty for me is probably English. Did I mention above that the entire test is in English? Therefore, English is extremely important and directly affects the test results. Therefore, besides technology knowledge, you also need to practice more and improve your English ability.

In addition, you also need to have a strong mentality. Because in the exam, the questions are very long, so it will take great concentration to grasp the question and give the correct answer. However, practicing the questions before the test many times will help you get used to and handle this problem.

The process of studying and practicing is arduous. I also thank the members of the project I am participating in for creating conditions for me to invest time to focus on studying and preparing for this exam.

Any effort will be rewarded. The benefits of taking the certification exam are huge. In addition to the biggest benefit of increasing self-worth, the center also supports a 50% discount voucher for the next test whether Fail or Pass. Especially, if you pass the exam, you will also be paid the exam registration fee by the company and be rewarded with an additional VND 500,000. So, there’s no reason not to take the test, right?

That’s why, guys, take the exam while you can, even as bad as you can pass!

Those of you who have, are intending to take the exam, should act now, don’t be afraid to fail or pass, because in addition to the benefits that I mentioned above, surely learning any new knowledge will never be superfluous.

Finally, good luck with your exams! Goodbye dear and let’s win!”